Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Voice-over Demo

In the world of voice acting, your demo is your best opportunity to present your skills to agents, producers, etc.  

The demo is your audio resume, your letter of introduction, is your main marketing tool, so is important that you have it if you are to compete in the world of professional voice-over to offer your services. The purpose of a demo is to get you work!

In today's voice over world, the trend is to have specifics demos, one for commercials, one for narration, IVR, characters, etc. no longer than 30 seconds each. For the purpose of marketing voice-over talent in today's highly technological word, it is absolute must that your VO demo exists as an electronic. The demo can be emailed which makes it immediately available for listening and/ or downloading worldwide.

  • Don't produce your demo if you're not ready.
  • You must have the proper training, some experience to offer a professional level.
  • Never put your demo something you can not play.
  • Include a wide range of variety in style and character, even if your demo is focusing on you voice stye, rather than character. Keep listener guessing as to what happen next.
  •  Keep your demo short.

Guy or Girl next door
Real person
Hard Sale
Promos TV
Imaging, Branding

Industrials- Corporate 
 Spanish-French, etc.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

VO Talents: Exercising your voice

Your vocal cords are muscles, appropriate exercises and maintenance will bring considerable endurance and stronger performance in your auditions and recording sessions.

Two essential things for exercising your voice: Deep breath, with control and making sound.

Work on breathing from your diaphragm will help to correct some problems. As your exercise your voice, awareness of what is happening physically is vital to develop your ability to experience yourself as you work on changing a habit.

Keeping your voice in good condition is crucial to keeping your performing abilities at their peak.